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Your quintessential guide to the finest experiences in and around Eugene/Springfield. Dive into our engaging articles for an insider’s perspective on the local scene. Discover recreational gems, educational insights, sustainable practices, and entertaining highlights that define our vibrant community. Click Here!

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Embark on an informative and innovative journey with AI-powered specialists. Experience a blend of expert advice, professional interactions, and tailored support. Make learning and decision-making an adventure with our AI experts! Click Here!

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Our Coupon Mailers go to 10,000 residences in the greater Eugene Springfield area. Each mailing delivers ads for 14 of our local merchants that include a special offer or discount on products and services. Contact us for availability. Contact Us Here!

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An innovative service, Thriving Maps aims to assist both locals and visitors exploring the Eugene-Springfield area, along with all other cities under Thriving Oregon’s umbrella. This cutting-edge service provides a user-friendly, map-based interface that categorizes various points of interest, making it easier for users to find exactly what they’re looking for. Click Here!

Thriving Oregon Initiative:

Energizing Local Businesses, Uniting Communities

At Thriving Oregon, we stand firm in the belief that the lifeblood of the Eugene-Springfield area flows through the veins of its local businesses. It’s this vibrancy, this entrepreneurial spirit, that sustains and enriches our community. Recognizing this, our mission is twofold: to amplify the visibility of these local champions and to forge a unified, thriving community where business and customer connect.

Our platform serves as a beacon for local discovery, where the Local Business Directory shines the spotlight on homegrown enterprises. By offering affordable marketing opportunities, we ensure that every local endeavor, from artisan bakeries to bespoke boutiques, gains the recognition it deserves. This directory isn’t just a tool; it’s a catalyst for community support and business growth.

The Town Square and The Town Crier, our real-time hubs for local attractions and news, are the narrative threads that weave our community closer together. These platforms showcase everything Eugene-Springfield has to offer: the arts, theater, diverse events, delectable food and drinks, rich culture, and the great outdoors. They are not merely listings but gateways to experiences, adventures, and the shared stories that define us.

Looking ahead, Thriving Oregon is set to unveil a suite of Marketing Services designed to elevate local businesses to new heights. From cutting-edge press release services and content marketing to engaging onsite advertising and strategic Facebook ad campaigns, we’re crafting the tools for success. Our Email Marketing Services (EMS) and exclusive advertising on Thriving Oregon’s site will soon follow, providing a comprehensive approach to digital marketing.

Our pioneering Total Take Over Service (TTOS) promises to redefine competitive advantage, harnessing the power of Google’s Auto Complete to position our clients at the forefront of consumer searches. And with Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), local businesses will have the opportunity to land in the hands of potential customers, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

As we continue to expand our offerings, including an innovative business rewards program and an ‘After Dark’ guide to nightlife, our commitment to value and community growth remains steadfast. Join us as we pave the path to prosperity and community unity, one local business at a time.